Our curriculum lays a foundation for a lifetime of learning, preaching, and shepherding.

Our coursework stays away from survey and overview texts and challenges students to jump into the source material. Instead of reading books about the early church fathers, our students read Augustine and Gregory. The same is true for every period, and the benefit is immense. By developing classes this way, we make sure students get the richest theological and biblical content and that they are challenged to wrestle with big ideas and apply them to their lives and Christ’s church.


Students enter into a rotating cycle of classes. Not all students will start in the same place. Upon acceptance, students will enter into the current class cycle. Our curriculum includes additional shorter classes, intensives and practicums that are not listed in the below graphs.

During the semester, classes meet from 8:00AM-8:30PM on Tuesdays. In addition to class time, students spend about 15 hours throughout the week working on class assignments. 

Material List

Our materials are varied. Our reading list is subject to change and typically does.


REPC Wives

The work of a shepherd is not done alone. A pastor’s wife is a vital and priceless gift to the pastor and the church.

Wives of the men participate in a separate training taught by the wives of pastors and elders.