A Letter from

the REPC

Churches and seminaries are on every corner. Why would anyone want to start another Pastors College in this landfill?

The Church needs shepherds.

Seminaries are sending out men fit for ivory towers, big book deals, and making their own brand. Men across the country sit in high places, enjoy the finest things, and live at arm’s length from their sheep. The people of God, meanwhile, hunger for pastors who love God, love His Word, and love His people. They need shepherds, not academics. This is nothing new.

God’s people suffered from shepherds who loved their own lives rather than giving their lives to the flock. The aim of the Reformation was to restore pastoral care to the flock. The Reformers worked to equip men to know God’s Word and God’s people, and they applied God’s Word to real situations in the lives of their flocks. They equipped men to live among their people, not tucked away in an office.

The REPC is distinct from other institutions. Its commitment to love God and His people prepares men for pastoral care to serve the local church. Our mission is simple: train and equip men to reach and raise generations for Christ and teach them His Word. Our approach is twofold: 1) to prepare men with the knowledge and skills they need to shepherd in the real world, and 2) to prepare the mind as well as the heart.

While academic performance is a major focus, it is by no means the only focus—it is but one of several components that we see as critical to the formation of pastors that the world needs. Men must display excellence in their character, knowledge, and skill in exercising pastoral care. Students will receive a mentor who has experience shepherding in the local church. This process is personal to each student and will best equip them to lead their flock.

We trust that God is using the Reformed Evangelical Pastors College to lead His church and turn the world upside down. We are praying for men who will join us as we send shepherds into a world desperate for pastoral care.

Will you answer His call?


Personal Class Sizes

The REPC is more personal than a traditional seminary and the opportunity for growth is outstanding.

Heart Development

We train the heart of a man as well as his mind. Men are challenged to grow in their love for God and for his church, not merely in knowledge.


We believe pairing our students with more experienced men gives them invaluable knowledge and wisdom.

Working in the Church

The work of a pastor is always in the sheepfold. The REPC expects all students to have a role or internship within their own ministry context.


Those that teach within the REPC are men fully committed to the work of shepherding; men who love Christ’s Church; men who will love the students. Whether they are pastors, elders, or professors, our teachers are committed to raising up the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and heart to shepherd faithfully.